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The Way That I Roll - Aza Brown - Official Video
This is Aza Brown

The Way That I Roll - Aza Brown - Official Video

“Ever wondered who you might have been if you hadn’t chased your dreams?” Barack Obama was an Ice-Cream Scooper, Beyonce was a Hairdresser, Harry Styles was a Baker, Steve Buscemi was a Firefighter, David Bowie a Butcher’s Delivery Boy… When Aaron “Aza” Brown parted company with seminal 00’s Indie Band - The Chasers - he became so disillusioned with music that he turned his back on the profession altogether for over 15 years!! In the Interregnum, he retrained and worked as an English Teacher, and incredibly - taught himself Indonesian and forged a new life as an Art Dealer between the UK and Bali. In the “Indian Summer” of his youth though, thankfully, he’s decided to take the plunge and returns to music with a song about self-belief, gratitude and courage - “Optimism personified” according to David McPhie (Joe Cocker, Free, Pink Floyd). The infectious lyrics “Maybe you will, maybe you won’t” - relate to Aza’s deliberating whether to come back to what he loves, and leave his past lives behind. With his 5th single, Aza hopes to inspire people to follow their own dreams - whatever they might be. Influences - The Beatles, The Verve, Talk Talk, Jellyfish, The Doors, Divine Comedy, Crowded House, Frank Zappa. From performing twice at the Ally Pally in 2018, recording with Arctic Monkeys producer Alan Smyth and playing the Rock The Boat Cruise (Festival at Sea) in the same year, Aza’s band - The WonderWhys - supported The Happy Mondays at an electric hometown gig in Chesterfield the next year. With the enforced lockdown, however, gigs ground to a halt, and Aza chose to record with local producer - Danny Burton (Finley Quaye, John Entwistle, Zak Starkey), who was so impressed with his vocal harmonies that he invited him to sing on his own solo album “Night and Day”. The album “Exennial” will be available early in 2022, before at least 2 more singles. In a recent interview on Talk Radio in London, Aza performed an acoustic version of “The Way That I Roll” to the delight of presenter - Bob Mills, and will be appearing on Liverpool Live Radio with Jon Jessop early November 2021 - ahead of the single’s release. “Music to watch a sunset to” We Are YMX; “The ethereal sheen of The Verve omnipresent” Press Party; “One of this year’s biggest standouts” Roadie Music; “His vocals rest over your shoulders like a life-long friend and pull you close - sharing the positivity of the track” The Other Side Reviews; “Music I could definitely start my day with” Sinusoidal Music; “Recreating the sound of sunshine” Os Garotas de Liverpool
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